Getting the right tool for the job



As every weekend warrior or maintenance professional will tell you, having the right tool for the job is just as important as knowing the procedure for any particular construction project. If you do not have the right tool, or your tools are not up to standard for the intensity of work that will be performed, then you will not be able to do much, even with all the directions in the world.

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Home Improvements That Increase the Value of Your Home

Here’s a great infographic to keep in mind as you go about sprucing up your home for the spring. As you’re cleaning, also inspect your home for things that may need repairs or can be improved on. Some of the tips that could raise the value of your home such as painting, landscaping and other visible improvements, this also mentions some things that are not readily visible such are the air quality, the water filtration system and energy efficiency.
Embrace Home Loans Infographic

Post Winter Home Cleaning


imagesBy the time the last of the snow and mud become mere memories, the after-effects of winter to your home and garden are making most of us itch to get started with our spring cleaning. There are a few things that you can start doing though even before the complete thaw from winter.

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