Composter & Planter in One

Source: Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower can grow 50 plants and kind of reminds you of those strawberry pots with the little lips on the side where plants grow out of.

However, there is something else special about this planter. It’s also a composter! Pretty cool, right?

My husband and I have been considering several compost bin designs and although I know that he would think this is neat, he’ll probably say it’s too small for our garden.

But that’s the point! This planter and composter would be perfect for small gardens and even patio gardens because it is almost self sustaining.

There is a middle barrel inside the planter where you can put your compostable materials and worms. Yes, you heard me. Worms. You need worms to make the compost material and tea that will fertilize the plants.

It’s a pretty cool set up if you ask me. Check out the Garden Tower website for more information.

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Lilly Kai on July 1, 2012 at 3:38 pm.

Oh, this is a great idea! I have a really ugly composter right now. Maybe will make something inspired by you!


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